Have It All?


Have It All?

Oh they have a dog, a roof of their own, a full time maid, a high flying job, go on yearly foreign holidays, property back home in native town, two beautiful kids, everything that fairy tales are made of……

But still that feeling of emptiness
The feeling of un-belonging

Still a longing lingering inside
Desires unfulfilled
Something in the heart left unsaid


A far away look
Searching for things around

Unrequited wishes waiting to come true
Parts of you waiting to unfold
Missing the chaos in midst of this organised boredom

Too perfect to be true, is so true
Perfection is so lost out on you
A little ruffled tresses here, chipped nail there, throw in a little not so clamouring clothes, plain face with no touch of make up
How you wish this could be you
With no care for what that vicious world would think

Nothing to bother
No expectations to stand tall too in those uncomfortable silhouettes
Just walk barefoot feel the sand in your feet
Eat and not feel guilty, Enjoy the taste and not watch the weight

Just lounging around, doing nothing at all
Such a luxury to be not at the centre of it all
Away from the pressure of socialising
In your cocoon of sweet little nothings
With your nose in a book
Or eyes catching a long awaited movie
Or just sleep and eat and repeat

Not being judged under the prying, scanning eyes of the world within or outside a place you call your own

Binging on so called “cheap things” or better put as low budget cost
Visiting a long lost friend or just hopping around town with no particular purpose and taking in the colours and hues and in the crowds getting completely lost

Happy being unrecognised and purposefully being lost
Enjoying the new found status of being nobody and nothing to do or look forward to

So do you have it all or having it all is just a myth created by humans
Having it all or having nothing to do with it all
Enjoying or regretting life’s extreme opposites.

It’s your view, you choose what you want to have and prioritise over what the other’s think of what you should ideally be or do.


Your Little Girl


Your Little Girl

Hold on to her a little longer
Let her fall and rise
It will make her more stronger

Tell her stories full of magic and spice
Tell her some more
She shall be mesmerized

Give her wings
Teach her to fly
Let her explore new things

Let her paint her own canvas
She shall learn new techniques
Let her make her mark and be marvellous

She will play many roles
For she is your daughter
Forever reaching high towards her goals.


Good Things Come In Different Packages


Good Things Come In Different Packages!

There was a boy who had a big heart but was tiny in stature. His name was Patrick, lovingly called Pat by his family.

However those who didn’t know him would call him names and the most popular of them was “Patty The Shorty”.

He would feel bad but would just let it pass. When alone would shed some tears but put up a brave front in public.

The mouse had a lion heart. Would help his mother with household chores unlike children his age. Would never shy away from any kind of responsibility. Would go out of his way to help other kids even if they would later turn their backs on him and tease him.

Slowly all this teasing started taking a toll on his psychological health and in turn his nature. He shied away from doing things. Would not mix along with kids his age. He developed an inferiority complex, the teasing due to his short stature had driven a wedge deep into his heart and it hurt badly.

One fine day Pat was going about his daily life when suddenly he heard a lot of hue and cry outside in the neighbourhood. He ignored it. The noises became louder and frantic. He decided to go take a look.

There was some digging work going on in the neighbourhood lanes to widen the roads and beautify the sidewalks. There were danger signs and tapes signalling out of reach and potentially dangerous areas and a sign to show work in progress on the road. However a naughty kid from the neighbourhood had strayed out and without anyone’s knowledge crossed the danger sign and managed to slip into a manhole.

The parents found out and were crying in despair. The police and fire brigade and all were informed but due to severe rains and fog were running late. They were losing light and oxygen in the manhole and the boy was getting tired of crying and starvation. There wasn’t enough rope to reach him and the manhole wasn’t big enough for a big person to get into it to help guide the boy out.

Suddenly in a flash Pat decided to take the situation into his own hands. Before anyone could even figure out or react he just jumped in and reached the boy and guided him out. Reunited with the parents and after 2 hours of this ordeal the boy and his family grabbed Pat and almost fell over him out of gratitude. Everyone was so amazed and happy they hoisted Pat up on their shoulders and shouted his name out in joy.
“Three cheers for Pat – Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray”; “Who is the bravest of them all, It’s Pat, don’t think he is small” all shouted in unison as if chanting a victory slogan.

Your uniqueness is not a hindrance it’s a gift. You are special. You need to realise your worth. There is a Pat in all of us. We all have our shortcomings physically but if you put your mind to it, it becomes your greatest boon. Good things come not only in big or small but I would say “In Different Packages”. Each unique to itself. You are a lion if you believe so, all else doesn’t matter.

Hope Flies High!

Hope Flies High!



You cannot fix everything. Some things are irreparable and will remain broken but you can start a fresh with what you got left with and make something new

You cannot have it all. You can make the best of all that you have to the best of your ability and faith.

You cannot change what has happened. You cannot turn back time but you can make the current times the best time of your life and change the present for a better future.

You cannot hold onto everything. You need to prioritize and let go of what you want for something better in store for you.

This tiny little flicker of hope, don’t let it die down. Keep holding on to it see how your thoughts and daily life changes for the better.


We all are seated on our wings of hope ready to take a flight into a better brighter future.

Happy New Year 2018!
Stay blessed, Kind and Peaceful abundantly😗


It’s Not The End


It’s Not The End

If you are bent but not broken
Then its not the end yet

If you are tired but still going on
Then its not the end yet

If it’s dark but you see a speck of light
Then it’s not the end yet

If you are lost but still holding on to hope of finding new horizons
Then it’s not the end yet

For at every end there lies a new beginning
A new ray of hope
A new life, a new goal

For it is never the end my friend but the beginning of a new journey to find new ends to begin again with.

So just like that this year is ending to begin the next new year.

Cheers to the new beginnings!






Do we for every ache and ailment go to the doctor?
No, we sometimes just sit back, unwind, Unplug and see the ache evarporate with a cup of coffee.

Do we always send off for repairs any machine, iron or mobile or any device that suddenly stops working?
No, we simply switch it off, Unplug, in some cases recharge the batteries. Then put it on and there it works again.

Do we find the peace we seek only in the Himalayas or any monastery away from noise and daily life and only in silence?
No, we find our peace amidst the noise, the hustle hustle, our daily chores in activities we love to do when we let our hair lose and unplug.

So it is a rat race, we all are a part of it. However just as most devices need unplugging and recharging so do we. Just unwinding or rejuvenating with a simple song or making your favourite cuppa. It could be just going on a walk or writing a diary. So just unplug, find your peace within the furore. Pay attention to your body chimes so you learn something. We learn a lot when we stop and pay attention and unplug. We need to keep reinventing ourselves and discover our strengths that we never knew we had. Unplugging and taking care of yourself is a necessity.



Unplug to restart with rejuvenated vigour
Unplug to reboot and replenish and to start things fresh and so you can figure
Unplug the body and soul
So you once again become a part of the whole.

Happy Unwinding and unplugging to all!

Role Models For Kids


Role Models For Kids

What are role models?
These are people or examples that influence our life choices and even alter our thought process.

Children always imitate or copy their set role models and their first and foremost role models are the immediate family circle-mom and dad and may also include grandparents or an older sibling.

They do not have the clarity of positive or negative influence, it’s just some charismatic quality of the person- the role model that entices the kid to follow them in blind faith.

At home we need to lead by example so the child gets the right messages like for example using colourful/foul language is a taboo so the parents and family should be conscious about what they say in front of the kid. Avoiding gossiping about other family members, using your please and thank yous are also vital as the child is constantly looking up to parents and immediate family to imitate and imbibe the same in their behaviour.



In schools too the staff should be careful about how things are put across to children for example if a 5 year old has peed in his or her pants at school then the teachers should not shame the kid or start telling off the kid in front of the classmates, they should help them change and take them aside and privately do so and feed it back to the parents to reiterate toilet training to the kid at home too. Insult causes injury and a child can be scarred for life but being mindful and thoughtful makes for a happy and mature kid.

If the child has suddenly started discussing horrific action scenes or behaves weirdly like telling lies or trying to avoid confrontation then do not panic. Look around in the neighbourhood and school for the kind of role model that your child is modelling him/herself after, observe and ask questions to the child, teacher, the child’s friends and peers and keep reinforcing the negatives of certain unhealthy things and reiterating the positives in behaviour to slowly wean the child away from rhe negatively influencing role model. Take the support of teachers, immediate family and even friends.

Having said all that it’s human to err and we are not all born saints, yes there will be a slip up here and there on our or the kids end however what is important is that we get over the hurdle , find a feasible solution and get back on track.

You can have the kids see some videos on golden rules and words. Reward them on their positives and good behavioural responses and provide them with verbal and non verbal cues to indicate when they are going off track and modelling themselves on a negative role model. Role modelling is like training the kid but in live classrooms of our daily life without any re-takes.

Do not keep nagging, give space to the child, let them have their off days to do their heart’s will, keep certain days where they can do things like eating chocolates or extra time given for watching Television, going out or just something as simple as eating a donut.

The role models who restraint or say no all the time make the kids more stubborn and hence a headstrong child emerges who doesn’t listen to reason. So set limits and do not break promises and all this will help you achieve the goal of being the right mix for the perfect role model.

You need to create a balance where the child automatically with or without your presence will choose the right path towards positive behaviour and not detour to the negative side.

So be the role model you want to see your kids imitate and always keep checking on the external ones as well through communication, feedbacks and general enquiry to show your interest in the day to day activities of the child.

So do you have a positive role model within and around you that can influence the mentality and stimulate the brain of your kid positively?





She was fragile not like glass
Fragile like a bomb
Ready to burst into an array of colourful emotions

Her mind an ocean of aspirations, dreams
Swimming from one thought to another thought leaving a thread of emotions

Her no nonsense attitude stood up as a wall protecting her naked soul


She hid a vibrant, honest heart underneath those layers of cloth

Her eyes like a deep dark jungle hid a million secrets but lit up at the mere gush of a happy wind

Her heart always dancing to its own beats but her mind controlling and withholding any outburst

Like a phoenix she rose from dust and her wings she spread in hope of finding her purpose she must

The butterfly of her mind wandering in search of the nectar of blissful life

Like a lioness she chases her prey, her dreams and will soon into the flesh if success bite

She has myriad roles and shades more than the colours seen in a rainbow

She is singing her experiences into the song of her life that is playing to the music of her soul

Her beauty is like the beautiful dew drops, like the sun rays falling on them. Can be seen, admired and felt but cannot be held or captured in any shell or box

She plays many roles like a veteran but hides the real self within
Concealing her true self like a pro

She is the sky limitless
Her power boundless

She is an open book but still a mystery at that
She is every woman to be reverred, nurtured, admired, a sight to behold.



Festival of Lights


Festival of lights

In India where I come from,which is in the Asian continent every year we celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights.

It has a lot of cultural, social and religious significance. It’s back story is the celebration of Lord Rama’s homecoming after defeating the evil Ravana. However it all boils down to the victory of good over evil. It is also believed that Lord Krishna defeated the demon Narkasura, in Bengal Goddess Kali is worshipped. In Jainism it is believed to be the day Mahavira attained nirvana or bliss.

Earthern lamps or Diyas as they are called in the Indian local language are lighted traditionally in all households. People put up lights and decorations and lanterns on their balconies or corridors, etc to signal the start of the festivities.

Traditional sweets like, laddoos made of different ingredients, barfi, karanji (coconut stuffed wheat puffs), shankar padi ( diamond shaped fried sweets), etc are made at home or store bought and distributed among building friends and office colleagues.

It is a celebration spread across five days .

The first day people bathe early morning even use sandalwood and open new account books( Chopda pujan), and worship them and buy gold and utensils which is Dhanteras .

On the second day is choti diwali ir narak chaturdashi also kali chaudas where Krishna had defeated Narkasura hence the name so crackers are burst and in bengalis Kali puja is celebrated.

Then the third day there is Laxmi puja where goddess Laxmi is venerated and sweets are distributed and traditional mouth watering meals are shared in families and firecrackers are burst along with lighting diyas.

The third day there is Govardhan Puja or Annakut ( mountain of food) . Lord Krishna had lifted the govardhan mountain to protect the villagers so on this day signifies that the Lord protects all so people offer large mounds of food symbolic of the govardhan mountain the Vaishnavs sect particularly celebrates it with great furrore.

And on the fifth day it culminates with Bhaidooj where the brothers visit their sisters and are treated to lavish food spreads and gifts and sisters put the tikka or vermillion on their foreheads and exchange gifts.

Looking deeper it has a manifold message. You worship your source or originator of wealth/ income and express gratitude. You celebrate the goodness of everything and shun the evil. Illuminate all lives with the light of happiness and prosperity and spread the sweetness through the sharing of all tge sweet savouries made during this festival. Diwali spreads the light of hope, well being, wealth and prosperity, of peace, of goodness and kindness and family values.


Happy Diwali And A Prosperous Festive Season To All !

Another Year!


Another Year!

A year older
But not exactly wiser

Ranting about daily chores
Its a habit now I guess and nothing more

Blogging and Instagraming like a pro
Trying to express and running between thoughts to and fro

Holding onto hope of a better tomorrow
Keeping the flame of positivity alive and trying to fight away sorrow


Weeding out the greedy and fairweather kinds
Close to my heart keeping the great alike minds

Trying to balance the inner and outer spheres
The work, the home, writer, the dreamer and overcoming all fears

Time is just a bird that flies
Another year it adds and just goes by

Counting my blessings and grateful for all experiences bitter or sweet
That’s the strong person it’s made me meet

Looking at the reflection in the mirror
A little stronger, smarter, crazier, healthier me

I fall, I rise, I cry, I laugh, I scream, I smile
Moving forward from day to day
Creating my own path on my way.