Love is not love until you are not heartbroken and have not given it your all
Success is not cherished till you don’t lose and fall
Dancing is not enthralling till you are not carefree and with the music flow
A Painting is eye catching only when you let the canvas fill up with your emotions and let go
Any sport is won when you pursue it with passion and practise the techniques to the core
Relationships are best maintained when you do not let the tempers and ego soar
When you put in your best efforts towards anything you desire
Don’t let the hunger to chase your dream die and keep burning that fire
Do everything to the fullest not in half measures
You will find your path filled with thorns to tread and finally go discover your treasure


Writing On My Wonderwall!


Writing On My Wonderwall!

Start writing, no matter what. There is nothing to writing, all you do is sit down and bleed. Write to empty your mind.
Always be a poet, even in prose. Poetry is the evidence of life.
Don’t get it right – get it written!
A good story is always better than a broken piece of truth.
Write what should not be forgotten,
write for the gold. Storytelling is all bout smoke and mirrors. It’s delicious to write the first words of a story.
Imagination creates reality. Work of art make rules. Not that the story need be long. You can’t wait for inspiration. Write about the emotions you fear the most.Prose is architecture.
The road to hell is paved with adverbs.Tomorrow may be hell, but today is a good writing day.
We all write in a yellow submarine.
Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.
Fall in love with the swirl and swing of words.

Your intuition knows what to write.
Motivation doesn’t last? Neither does bathing.Writing is its own reward. Write seven times and publish eight.
You are what you write.You can’t wait for inspiration. The power of imagination makes you infinite.
Fill your writings with the breathings of your heart. Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted. Write what you know.
You must stay drunk on writing so reality can’t destroy you. It is never too late to write what you might have been.
Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river. One day you will find the right words.

Destination Destiny


Destination Destiny

Travel as the mind likes to wander
Lusts to see more
Breathe new places
Ogle new shores

Variety is the mother of all spices
The need to see various cultures
To try a new cuisine
Is where all this need rises

Meeting the locals at different locales
Discovering the untouched, the unseen
The thrill of just going off on a new destination
Where you have never been

Touching heights of adventures
Reaching the depths of dreams
Just point a finger on a place in the map
Let me travel to new directions and overcome extremes.

Friendship Goals!



Friendship Goals!

Sipping the warm cup of memories in our coffee mugs
Friends beyond time
Beyond borders and physical hugs
We meet and depart with no specific timelines or promises kept
There are no expectations or unsaid words or tears wept
It’s bye for now until we meet again
When our paths cross we start from where we left
No time or tide could freeze us or our mutual respect
These friends without benefits across countries is a refreshingly honest concept
You do not need to be “in your face”, all the time
Distance and dynamic socio- economic commitments need to be fulfilled
We complement each others lifestyles and jingle in harmony away from each other like the bells in a wind chime
Far is not too far with all this technological innovation
Yes sometimes it takes a while to meet, a week, few years or even a decade to see
Whatever happens our friendship remains untouched , with no date of expiration.


Real or Virtual


Real or Virtual

When we were young we were all so innocent and wild.Carefree just like the sun rays playing hide and seek with the trees. Making real friends and talking , making memories and life long bonds. Now this sounds like an ancient form of treat.

We were all Alice in Wonderland- exploring things. Looking at everything through colourful glasses not knowing any malice. Imaginary story telling and little joys of play. In today’s time we all have a knife ready to stab just so that we suffice.

The more tech savvy we got the more we lost our human touch. It’s so easy that we forgot the art of conversations, the joy of writing and the thrill of visting each other physically outside the virtual social media world. It is like our lifestyles have taken a 360 degrees twirl.

We have now become Alice in Responsibilityland just trying to meet our needs rather greed. Complex is the New simple. It’s so simple with just a touch of a finger we can get things done. But there are no buttons to get rid of depression, sadness or teach emotions.

We have now deviced emoticons to replace words and emotions. Expressing oneself is now limited to just some typo abbreviations. Spellings no longer hold value except maybe in a dictionary collecting dust somewhere.

We are so virtual that we are no longer real. We are slowly becoming our own nemesis. Facing real life issues is now becoming almost an impossible deal.

So we better not let all get lost. Let us work towards preserving and cherishing humanity and being real along with being technologically advanced so we not only have life skills to survive the virtual but the real life story too.


See Through Soul


See Through Soul

Do you see those cracks
Those irreparable scars
Each of them carry a tale
Unique and bold
Lying down on this untidy bed
Cannot lift up oneself
A tired soul

Head reeling with the hurt given by time
Unable to get out of this loop
A lost child
Slowly making its way through all the blows that have been dealt with on the way searching for one’s own self

Has all this turbulence in my head relegated my present joys ?
No, definitely not backed down by these small stumbles
Have crossed more devious mountains and conquered stupendous heights even after many fumbles

See those fault lines all around
Proof of rising after falling down
Invincible maybe not, but definitely an unbreakable will

The burning inner throws of my mind
that yearn to go discover my purpose
Having been knocked dead almost,
However not having lost focus that my goal I shall find

Is one the outcome of one’s mistakes
The answer is No!
We are survivors of the choices we make,
The risks we decide to take

There have been fake encounters with the idea of being content
However contentment has been encountered in the belittled nuances of life
In raindrops, in coffee sessions, in marathon television viewing or just lazing around doing nothing. Satiated by one’s work related activity or by just doing the easiest thing.

Destination Diaries



Destination Diaries

I landed in a jungle, a complete green paradise.

I found the true meaning of silence
Listening to my heartbeats and slightest sounds of nature which I lived in ignorance of till this trip happened.

Going to Kenya not only brought me closer to nature but made me appreciate a lot of things. On the hindsight- it made me aware of a lot of my strengths and helped me overcome a few of my inhibitions too.

My first adventure was the bumpy wildlife rides and the non stop drives around the wildlife park sanctuary- Masai Mara. It’s a haven of beautiful wildlife and flora and fauna. You cannot capture everything in lenses or express everything in words. The inexplicable sights, a few I was at a loss of words and others didn’t recollect the names as our safari driver and guide kept rattling off names.

Meeting the Masai mara tribal people and getting a first hand experience of what it is to be happy with the bare basic minimum is a true eye opener. Women are the flagbearers in this society- building new homes, handling kids and also the men having to really put up their best to win the girls over. They taught me my true power and that equality and respect of the opposite gender truly uplifts the societal living standards.

The giraffe centre in Kenya was a very sweet experience and we got a great selfie as a bonus with the friendly giraffe Betty. We fed them and also came back more knowledgeable about the different breeds of giraffes.

The Keeroke lodge in Masai mara is sitting in the heart of nature, everyday we were visited by Baboons, Imphalas, monkeys. They had their own lake filled with hippos and a watching tower deck where you could sit idly for hours trying to spot hippos, ducks, and all kinds of creatures in their natural form. One of the best hospitality and food experiences we had on the trip.

Getting to see a lion and a lioness feeding on prey and a pack of lion cubs plus a leopard on a tree all from our safari jeep which had an open detachable veiwing roof , that too from such close quarters was absolutely surreal.

Seeing a variety of birds and monkeys and flowers was an added highlight of the trip. Breathing fresh unadulterated air and just sitting around the natural environment was therapeutic.

Herds of elephants and warthogs and wild buffaloes, different types of deer and springboks were in all wildlife parks.

Lake Naivasha was like entering the water haven it rained and the weather was just so beautiful we saw hippopotamuses up close and flamingos and the local Caribou birds and also there is a live volcano nearby whose smoke was visible. My daughter even took a camel ride , the camel’s name was Faroukh. It was a thrilling and completely hill station like weather in contrast to the humid and warm weather of other parts of Kenya.

The Noah’s Ark resort in Aberdare had a viewing deck that you could just drink or sip coffee or play a game of scrabble and spot wildlife from the comfort of a sofa and of course the fireplace just added an old world charm to it. A true laidback calm and serene place to go to rejuvenate oneself.


Overall a splendid experience with nature and the animals and no pollution, neither noise or air. A complete wildlife adventure with exciting car rides thrown in.

Very good for children above 5 and best time in March. But if you want to witness migration then it will have to be August. Planning the itenary was a complete hands down winner done to precision by the husband. My daughter was a true star with absolutely no hang ups about the rides and the travelling time and the weather. She took it all in her stride and had a gala time.

Kenya definitely a go to for willife and the lovely places and people.

Hope to add more destinations to my list and share my personal experiences through my blog.

Keep travelling, keep collecting memories and creating happy moments. Travelling enriches the soul and destresses the mind.



(Dedicated to my Ma)


Mother, like you there is no other
Words fall short of describing your greatness
Without you this world is gloomy and colourless

Giving birth to a child, a mother is born
Between yours and ours life gets torn

My child first before everyone else
Everything on the backburner in the background dwells

New roads and mysteries of life unfold
It’s one hell of a ride, this motherhood with no holds bar and absolutely no rule book to follow and hold.

I love you and need you, says the child but a mother’s love is unconditional and timeless
A mother’s heart is completely seamless

Happy Mother’s Day today and everyday. Don’t need to count your blessings if you are blessed enough to have a mother whether adoptive, aunt, relative, grandmom, a dad, a brother, an uncle, a sister, a cousin or whoever you see as your mom. Love and hugs to all the moms out there.








The heart is but a child
Attracted to things complex and unreachable

Always yearning for attention and all things unphantomable

It houses many deepest darkest secrets and desires
To all our passions it ignites a fire

The heart forewarned by many wellwishers of the pain and languish it could suffer in pursuit of love and lust and happiness

But the heart is a stubborn child forever racing after the moon that is like a mirage- near yet so far , beyond the realms of all madness

For the heart seeks all contradictions
Both adventure and calm,
Both love and revenge
A mixed bag of emotions and interlinked expectations

It is beyond control and has a mind of it’s own
Always attracted to things forbidden
Forever treading towards the unknown and hidden

Reminiscing and forever hopeful for little sunshine amidst the fogginess of the big bad wolves out there waiting to prey on this innocent little child that beats inside the body.

Plunging into the race of this mad, mad world, the heart ponders on better times and looks at all things with bright colours, never once wondering what the path ahead might hold.

The heart is but a child naughty yet loving and bold.

A Thank You Note



A Thank-You Note!

Thank you is a small word however it represents a sea of heartfelt gratitude.

You have given me the wings of opportunity to showcase what I love

To share my art and words with the world

To fine tune my vision and expand my horizons

To exhibit my talent and commitment

To bring out my best and stretch my imagination beyond limits

Thank you for the wings to fly and the skies to navigate

I am ever so humbled and striving to get better.

Thank you for all the love.